Pieces with foam:

- Mask

- Feet Paws

Pieces without foam:

- Neck / Cowl

- Hand Paws

- Tail

- Bodysuit

Hand Scrubbing

What you will need:

- Small bowl

- Cool water

- Detergent

- Hand Towels


- Spray bottle (recommended)

- Cool water mixed with detergent (recommended)

The Hand Scrubbing method is much more gentle than machine washing and is ideal for parts made of foam. We suggest keeping foam as dry as possible to prevent mold from growing.

For the Hand Scrubbing method, you will clean small parts at a time.

- To begin, get the part you will be cleaning slightly damp making sure the water gets around the fur.

- Get a separate hand towel and wetten it with the soapy water. Make sure its not too wet by squeezing the towel.

- Be weary of the eyes! The eye paint can loosen overtime! Make sure to avoid the eyes to the best of your ability or cover them up if you can before you begin to wash!

- Gently scrub the soap into the fur

- Use the clean water to gently scrub the soap out of the fur once you are done with the previous step. Be careful with how much water you use because you don’t want the water to reach the foam.

- Once the soap is out of the fur, take a dry towel and dry off the part of the fur you’ve been working on.

- Once you are certain you’ve cleaned up the soap, brush the fur to keep it in good condition.

Hand washing:

What you will need:

- Sink or Tub

- Cool Water

- Detergent

The Hand washing method works well for pieces that don’t have foam. These pieces can either be submerged or rinsed unlike foam.

- To begin, get the fur wet by either submerging it or rinsing it with the soapy water gently using your fingers to reach all the spots in the fur.

- Let the parts soak for a few minutes if submerged

- Scrub the fur gently again until you feel you have scrubbed enough.

- Try to squeeze out most of the water from the fabric. Be sure to be gentle with the part to prevent damages.

- Rinse the fur out with cool water and scrub gently to remove the soap. Make sure all the soap is removed from the piece.

- Try to squeeze as much water as possible out of the piece again.

- DO NOT HANG TO DRY - This can damage the suit pieces from the weight of the water! If your washing machine has a spin dry cycle, it can be used to help with the drying of the part. Do not put the piece in dryer heat. This can also damage the piece, so avoid doing this. If your machine cannot do this, lay the piece on a towel to dry. Periodically squeeze out as much water as you can. A fan is also recommended as it can help the process. This process takes a while, but it is important to make sure the pieces dry.

Other Care Measures:

Brushing: Fur doesnt stay nice long, so we suggest investing in a brush such as a slicker brush that works well with faux fur. Brushing fur is important to keep it kept and unmatted. After the washing process always remember to brush the fur out.

Stay away from messy situations: This includes such things as food, drinks, mud, dirt, and even restrooms. If you’re going to be around these things or use them, be sure to desuit before use to prevent part damage.

Washing Machines: If you go the washing machine route for the non foam pieces, be sure to use cold, gentle cycles to keep your pieces kept and safe. If you are unsure if you should use a machine to wash parts, ask the maker!