Quotes are used to provide a price estimate for a commission. Submitting a quote does not guarantee a slot or bind you in a contract with us. Quotes do not confirm that your commission has been accepted.

When filling out a form, please fill it to the fullest for a better chance at a commission.

A proper clear multi view concept artwork is required for a more accurate quote.

I reserve the right to modify the terms, conditions, and notices under the Knightlyfurs website. By placing a commission, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms.


Keep in mind my style is unique and I WILL alter your fursuit patterns to be more geometric in style. If you do not want this done to your character please do not commission me.

The parts that will be effected include:

Eyes, tail, paws, patterns / markings, horns, wings.


When you order, please understand that you are ordering from a fairly new maker. These are handmade and may contain imperfections, flaws, and inconsistencies.

The ordering process doesn't start until your quote is accepted by us.

Make sure to budget properly. At the time, we are unable to accept full refunds. Make sure you have enough money to be able to afford necessities without the possibility of needing to ask for the money back.

Colour Matching:

Be aware that there are limited fur colours in contrast to the endless possibilities in concept arts. We will try our best to work with you and colour match to similar colours, but be aware of your characters ref sheets and the colours present.


Make sure to send in correct measurements requested and a correct Duct Tape Dummy if needed. Incorrectly made duct-tape dummies will result in the costume not fitting correctly.


A 30% deposit is required to confirm your commission spot and to be able to afford specific supplies for the commission. This 30% IS NON REFUNDABLE

Nothing is started till 70% of the payment is complete.

For payment plans a minimum of $200 is required each month to keep the commission eligible

Payment is through Paypal Invoice.


There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS once the commission is started / materials are bought.

Once you pay, I cannot return the money. Please make sure you are in a right financial situation to be able to pay for the items. I am not responsible for issues outside of this small business.


Pricings are flat rate prices and are subject to change based on character complexity, material cost, and shipping.


There is no absolute deadline. Price estimates may be given, but the date is not 100%. Commissions are subject to possible delays.