Art made by Starryknight


Hello, I am a new maker looking to get into the art of fursuit making and digital art!

I strive to make unique pieces that are recognizable through my geometric patterns and styles! If you're looking for your character in a geometric style you've come to the right place! Examples of my style change are below!

Any support is appreciated, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Commission Status:


Fursuits :CLOSED

What will you get?

A more geometric style! I change the style of my suits and plushies from your standard curved style to the more geometric style that is recognizable through my art! The changes are described below!

Horns & Antlers

For this one the entirety of the horns or antlers will be modified to fit the style described. The more curved the horns or antlers are the more drastic the effect will be on them! (ex ram horns)


For this one the main change will be the style of the paw pads. These will be changed to more square and rectangular shapes!


This is a pretty simple change. I will make the pupils rectangular.


This is the most important and drastic change in style! I will take all your markings and make them geometric. This is what defines my style the most!


The tails follow the marking rule I stated above! The difference with the tails is that even if you have a longer tail or a nub, I will make it more jagged in look!

I hope this helps you decide on what you'd like from me! Feel free to contact me with any questions and id be happy to answer!